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  • Scott is very disarming and gets you comfortable with the process right away. It was very clear that Scott knows his subject matter very well and yet doesn't get too technical with his explanations of why he's asking you to what he's asking you to do. After our session, photos were made available very quickly, and he even handled some sudden oddball requests quickly and with grace. Thanks Scott

    Bryan Stevenson Victoria, BC

    Electronic Edge Systems Group Inc.
  • Scott Fraser has a professional manner when working with his clients, and provides creative, beautiful photography. We have used Scott on many different occasions, and we used him just recently, for my daughter's high school graduation photo's. They were all lovely and captured the specialness of the moment. I would not hesitate to use Scott again for any special occasion that arises

    Madeleine Sullivan Victoria, BC

  • Scott Fraser's photography is the kind you don't click through. Every time I see something from him there's a long pause, a detailed look, more detailed look, amazement at the quality, depth and emotion of the photo, all followed by wondering how I might be able to take such a shot. Lucky me, Scott has shown enough interest in my own efforts to take on the role of mentor and show me how he does it. Mentoring from Scott is unusual in many ways but always, always returns to the point of 'is it art'. Nothing gets by him and any shot that does not display composition, emotion, clarity, use of light and shadow does not get a nod. His mentoring is top notch. In our last session we worked through a series of photos I had shot and in the process all of the above were dealt with. On the technical side, after we had chosen a few of sufficient quality, Scott gave me a mini session on Photoshop, Apple Aperture and B&W conversion that flowed like notes from Jimi Hendrix's guitar. And just like Jimi made it look easy, so did Scott. What he showed me in that one session was easily worth a $300 weekend workshop. A true professional in every sense. I highly recommend Scott as a photographer, editor, retoucher and mentor.

    Gordon Muir Victoria, BC

    Victoria Taiji Academy
  • Scott is great person to work with. He makes the effort to understand client needs and seeks to meet them. He's passionate about his creativity and at the same time, getting good results for his customers.

    Murray Owen Boise, Idaho

    Web Developer and Management Consultant
  • I would highly recommend Scott Fraser Photography for your event and corprate photography needs. Personable, professional and talented , Scott's ablity to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease is second to none. He works wellunder stressful conditions and does whatever it takes to get the shots you want/need.

    Peter Classen Vancouver, BC

    Peter Classen Photography